Saturday, March 15, 2008

DVDs for FREE!

I just stumbled across the craziest news...
... Derek Gehl is giving away his $297 "Internet
Millionaire's Protege Bootcamp" DVDs for FREE!
This means you can get 7 hours of professional online
business training in the comfort of your very own home --
and all YOU have to pay is the cost of shipping the
package to your door!
But apparently there are only 121 copies of Derek's
world-class training DVDs left...
...So to claim your free 7-hour DVD training system now,
go to:
P.S. Derek is also throwing in a free 30-day membership
to his exclusive Internet Entrepreneur Club... Which
means you'll have unlimited access to his online building
experts -- and can ask them any questions you want -- for
a whole month!
To claim your free 7-hour DVD training system, go to:

Friday, February 22, 2008

PayDotCom Update

Hi Internet Marketer,
Duane here, I want to share some awesome news with you... the following is a message from my good friend Mike Filsaime:

There 3 MAJOR updates and 2 news item I want to share with you.
  • New Cash Affiliate Program
  • New Site Wide Advertising Program
  • New Money Making Widget for your Site and Blogs

#1 - PayDotCom has a new special package made to members only when they join. We will be OPENING a new CASH (not fee credit) AFFILIATE PROGRAM that pays you $20. This
is the first time PDC has ever paid cash for referrals. (In the past it was credits to your fees.) - This will come from your direct promotion affiliate link only. Please look for this in the next
few weeks.

#2 - We have been tracking traffic on out pages and over the last 30 days, PayDotCom gets
over 600,000 Page Impressions on the site, login page, and Marketplace.
What does that mean to you?

** Simply this **
We will be selling ADVERTISING on our site (similar to ClickBanks Model)
We will ONLY SELL to 30 people. The rate will be just $200 per week.

THAT MEANS: You can get your Ad shown on our site, login page, and marketplace over
150,000 times per week for just $200!
Imagine that exposure!
This is on a First come - First serve basis. We will only sell 30 slots per week at only $200.
Be on the look out soon for when we open this up for beta. The price will be based on supply and demand. If the demand goes up, so will the price so make sure you are ready so you can lock up several weeks at our low intro rate of just $200 per week for over 150,000 ad impressions!

#3 - Some of the best news yet!
In the next 2 weeks, PayDotCom will be adding a Brand NEW WIDGET to your members area.
Price? ..... It is 100% FRE.E
That is right:

  • you login
  • click on the Widget Wizard
  • choose category
  • choose color
  • choose Only PayDotCom, or PayDotCom and Clickbank
  • copy a snipet of code
  • past on your blog
You see, this widget will feature the TOP 25 items in the category you choose and rotate them.
(Yes, this is massive no cost advertising for our members!) When someone is at your site and clicks on a product in the WIDGET, it sends the person in a new window to the sellers site with YOUR affiliate link. When they buy, YOU GET PAID.

This is great not only for you as an affiliate, but also if you have a product in the TOP 25 of your category... because you will get millions of free ad impressions all over the net for your
product, service, ebook, or software. No other marketplace does that.
And remember, we will also allow you to rotate Clickbank product in this widget as well if you like. (Since we expect Millions of Widget Impressions per month, once we have more data, we will see how we can offer sponsor ads in the widgets as well.)
This will also be coming in the next few weeks so be sure to look out for this, Right now it is in beta and full release is coming VERY soon!
I know, you are excited!

Finally, the 2 news items.
FIRST (1) - We are going to be adding HACKERSAFE to our order pages. Research shows that Hackersafe along with VeriSign (Which we always use) reduces shopping cart abandonment by as much as 10%. We are also consulting with an order page expert to redesign and split test the order page and add even more ways to increase conversion.

SECOND (2) - We are adding a new feature for Vendors that will post NAME and EMAIL data from the sale to your AWEBER, GETRESPONSE, PROSENDER, ARP3, or 1shppoingcart, or other autoresponders AT THE POINT OF SALE.
If you use the form data before checkout, it will post that data. If you send just to paypal, it will
post the buyers PayPal email address and PayPal Payee Name.
Imagine now, no need to have your buyers fill out a form to register for your product, Their REAL DATA will automatically be posted to autoresponder so you can follow up for life.

We are working on many other things, but we wanted to get this out to you so you can be ready to take advantage of all these things as soon as they come out.
Look for them in the next few weeks! This should happen right around the time PayDotCom reaches 300,000 Vendors and Affiliates in our system!

To your Success,
Mike Filsaime
President and CEO - PayDotCom

I hope you enjoyed this message from Mike, it has me really excited about the Affiliate programs that we can offer. Please have a look at is well worth it. And, as a little bonus, when you sign up, you will get a special offer for Mike's products such as "Butterfly Marketing" etc. This has been one of the greatest Marketing strategies on the net.

Thanks for stopping by,
Duane Forrest

Monday, February 18, 2008

This video will save you $1000s

Dear Marketing Expert,

"This product is going to REVOLUTIONIZE the Internet!!!" ... Aren't you sick of claims like that?
Lately we've been getting bombarded with products that are being trumpeted as the ONE thing absolutely EVERY online business owner MUST have if they want to make money on the Internet.
I'm sorry, but I find these outrageous claims hard to swallow. Especially when many of these products will ONLY work for you if your business is ALREADY making money!
If you're just starting out... or if your site isn't getting any visitors or sales... then BEWARE! Most of these products won't give you the answers you're looking for.(Plus, they'll drain your bank account of $1000s!)
That's why I was so excited to come across Derek Gehl's free instructional video, "Reality 101."
You can check it out here:
In this 30-minute video, Derek explodes a lot of popular marketing myths and tells you exactly what you REALLY need to do to make great money online. (Hint: It's all about the "bare bones" fundamentals... Not "flash-in-the-pan" trends that are here today, gone tomorrow!)

If you're eager to throw back the curtain and discover the REAL truth about what you need to do to ensure the success of your online business, then I suggest you watch this video now:

All the best,
P.S. If you've been searching for a "magic bullet" that will help you set up a profitable online business literally overnight, then you REALLY need to watch this video:

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hi There,

The jury is in.
After January 24th, 2008, making money on the Internet will never be the same.
A bold statement, I know, so let me back up for a second...

I've just received a private press release from Derek Gehl and the folks at The Internet Marketing Center, and I'm absolutely ITCHING to tell you what it says...
But I cant!

The door to this groundbreaking announcement isnt cracking open to the public until January 24th at 10am.
But I CAN tell you this:
On this day, prepare for the unveiling of a full-on revolution that will finally level the playing field for regular people who want to escape the rat race, strike a clean slate in 2008, and make REAL money online.
I'll reveal more closer to the date as information trickles out of The Internet Marketing Center...
For now, watch a short video and get yourself a sneak peek here:
To your success in 2008,

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dirt-Cheap Business Tips

I just got an email from Derek Gehl that I wanted to share with you.
(Derek is one of the Internet marketing gurus who I truly respect, and whose advice I always follow. He was instrumental in helping me get started online all those years ago.)

He wanted to tell me that he has just opened the doors to his exclusive online community "The Internet Entrepreneur Club" and is currently accepting new members on a 30-day trial basis.

Then he asked if I knew anyone who might be interested in taking his Club for a "test-drive"...
... And take full advantage of the round-the-clock access to his team of experts... the online training videos available ONLY to Club members... and the chance to sit in on exclusive
interviews with industry giants, such as living legend Brian Tracy...
... For the stupidly low price of only $2.95!
Well, as soon as Derek told me this, I knew I had to pass the information on to you. Because chances like this don't come along very often. (Usually it costs $5,000 or MORE to get an online marketing professional to analyze your site or your business get that kind of expert assistance for the price of a "Big Mac" is practically unheard of.)

But Derek only has a limited number of these trial memberships available, so if you don't act immediately, you're going to miss out!

You can learn more about "The Club" and the privileges of membership by clicking to continue here:

All the best,
Duane Forrest

P.S. Derek is going to be holding an exclusive interview with entrepreneurial legend, Brian Tracy, on October 18th. Make sure you're able to listen to it by visiting:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Internet Entrepreneur Club!

Great news!
I just found out that Derek Gehl is giving away 250
memberships to the Web's most powerful online Internet
marketing community -- his "Internet Entrepreneur Club"
-- and I'd like to make sure you get one.
Here's what Derek told me...
He's currently looking for *real people* who'd like to become
his next Internet "success story" (no computer or business
experience is required) and use his $60 Million advantage --
his team of Internet business-building experts -- to
... Learn how to start a wildly lucrative Internet business
in just 45 days and make an extra $4,150... $7,500... even
$12,750 per month (or more!), working as little as 15 minutes
per day -- even if you have NO business ideas or website yet!
As you'll see, there is absolutely NO RISK involved in
test driving this BOOMING members-only community of Internet
In fact, for the next 30 days, Derek is willing to let you try
it for just $2.95!
His ONLY condition is that, once you've achieved your income
goals, you agree to...
(#1) Write him a glowing testimonial, and
(#2) Let him use your success story to inspire others!
If this sounds reasonable, click here to claim your exclusive
30-Day Trial for just $2.95 now:
And if you have questions, please email or call 1-800-595-9855.
To your success,

Duane Forrest

P.S. I must warn you... Derek has to limit this offer to the first
250 people who respond. If he takes on too many new members,
his team of experts will end up spreading themselves too thin
-- and that wouldn't be fair to his existing members.
To guarantee you claim YOUR $2.95 Trial immediately... before he
runs out of "seats" and takes this page down... I recommend
clicking here before it's too late:

Monday, February 26, 2007

Get Great Long Distance for your Home, Business or even your Mobile phone!

Do you have a Long distance plan? Do you use your cellular phone for either Business or Personal Long Distance?

This is the Plan for you!

For a Flat rate, depending on where you want to call, you can have your mobile long distance for one monthly fee. On top of that, you can also run it as a separate business opportunity or even a fund raiser for your favorite charity.

Check out all the Details and then visit the site:

VoIP-2-GO is a simple addition to your existing cellular service planUNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL CALLING FROM YOUR CELL PHONE TO 42 INTERNATIONAL IN-PLAN DESTINATIONS - ONLY $19.95/mo

How do we stack up against the competition? THERE IS NO COMPETITION!
No Broadband required
Unlimited International Calling to 42 destinations
No day or time restrictions
FREE 411- Nationwide Directory Assistance
No equipment required
Works with all wireless service providers
24/7 Customer Service & Technical Support


  • VoIP-2-GO utilizes local calling numbers that you can speed-dial, to place calls quickly and trouble-free. VoIP-2-GO enables you to make international cellular calls, while using your local calling minutes. VoIP-2-GO is an overlay to any existing cellular plan offered by all of the major wireless providers, and is available simply by dialing into the Mobile VoIP Network using a special local access number.

  • Convenient monthly auto-billing system eliminates the need to renew your service each month.

  • Program your handset to dial quickly into the Mobile VoIP Network with a simple speed dial number.

  • No broadband or Internet connection is necessary to operate Mobile VoIP.
    VirtualNumbers are available with this service which allow you to have additional phone numbers ring to your cell phone!

  • Online account management allows you to check call records & turn features on and off.